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Een van Duitslands beste producenten (volgens sommigen zelfs de allerbeste) is Hermann Dönnhoff uit de Nahe. Het is verbazingwekkend hoe rustig en bescheiden deze ware magiër blijft na alle aandacht en lofbetuigingen in de media. Dönnhoff behaalde afgelopen jaren zowel in "The Wine Spectator" als in "The Wine Advocate" voor verschillende wijnen de maximale score van 100 punten. Een unieke gebeurtenis.

  1. Riesling Kreuznacher Kahlenberg Trocken I Dönnhöff

    Jancis Rpbinson: 'An exhibition of aromatic diversity impresses the sensory perception. The Kahlenberg manages to deflect from its dry undercurrent with the juicy fruit of peach and lime, a subtle salty tang, piquant acidity and fine creamy texture. An itsy-bitsy smidgeon of residual sugar does the rest to soften the dry impact. (MS) 17/20' Lees verder
    € 26,50
    Oogstjaar: 2016
  2. Riesling Niederhauser Hermannshohle Auslese Goldkapsel | Dönnhoff

    Jancis Robinson: 'Although botrytis made itself scarce in 2016, the Hermannshöhle Auslese still manages an incredible concentration of luscious, sweet aromas ranging from exotic fruit to fresh raisins and waxy honey. The palate of the Hermannshöhle teaches us that fruity, sweet opulence does not have to come in form of sticky syrup, but in the hands of an expert can be crafted to perform with almost weightless elegance, great purity and exhilarating vibrancy. (MS)' Lees verder
    € 34,50
    Oogstjaar: 2016
  3. Riesling Niederhauser Hermannshohle Auslese Goldkapsel | Dönnhoff

    The Wine Advocate: 'The 2015 Niederhäuser Hermannshöhle Riesling Auslese is lovely, clear and flinty on the nose and, like the Spätlese, is characterized by its noble aristocracy, but also lemony freshness and great purity. There seems to be more crushed stones than grapes in this wine, which reflects a lot of the fastidious selection and the healthy condition of the processed grapes. On the palate, this is a generous and concentrated, but pure, piquant and buoyant Auslese of great expression and finesse. This vibrating wine is dancing over the palate, leaving loads of minerals and salts, which makes this a dangerous drug. The finish is piquant and salty--you simply can't stop drinking and adoring it. There is so much grip, tension and finesse here. 96 points.' Lees verder
    € 36,50
    Oogstjaar: 2015
  4. Riesling Niederhasuer Hermannshohle Spatlese | Dönnhoff

    The wine Advocate: 'The 2013 Riesling Spatlese Niederhauser Hermannshohle is clear, pure and mineral on the nose, displaying lemon juice and crushed slate rocks, really refreshing. Sweet, rich and piquant on the palate, this is a vibrant and salty wine full of intensity, finesse and purity, quite young and firmly structured, very expressive and long. So salty! 94 points' Lees verder
    € 39,50
    Oogstjaar: 2013
    Laatste flessen!
  5. Riesling Trocken Felsenberg "Felsentürmchen", Grosses Gewächs" | Dönnhoff

    Jancis Robinson: 'Nose, with a hint of hazelnuts, promises a particularly dense wine. Broad and confident with some real richness as well as massive acidity. This one should run and run.' Lees verder
    € 46,00
    Oogstjaar: 2016
  6. Riesling Nordheimer Dellchen Grosses Gewächs" I Dönnhoff

    Jancis Robinson: "Non-showy nose – very discreet actually with light floral notes. Solid mouthful of still-quite-chewy earthy fruit. The opposite of exhibitionistic. A slow burner?" Lees verder
    € 49,50
    Oogstjaar: 2016
  7. Riesling Trocken Hermanshöhle Grosses Gewächs | Dönnhoff

    Jancis Robbinson: 'Discreet nose opens up to white pepper and lilies only very gradually. Creamy texture with lots buried in there. Still extremely youthful. Builds to a long finish. No excess of acidity.' Lees verder
    € 55,00
    Oogstjaar: 2016