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F.X. Pichler

Parker: “One of Austria’s most renowned winemakers. His Riesling wines offers great richness, ripeness, fabulous intensity and purity, and a dazzling long concentrated, brilliantly-delineated finish.” "FX Pichler is the Domaine de la Romanêe-Conti of the Wachau". Stuart Pigott: “Perhaps his wines should bear a warning label: Approach with care, Great Wine!” Clive Coates MW: “One of the best and most perfectionistic in Austria. Marvelous wines here.” Kristalheldere en stijlvolle wijnen met een groot palet aan fruit.

  1. Riesling Smaragd, Loibner Oberhauser I F.X. Pichler

    Vinous (over de 2013): "Site-typical pit-tinged apricot in the nose is joined by scents of honeysuckle and high-toned nut extracts. The silky palate offers a luscious evocation of apricot fruit laced with brightly fresh lime, an impression of great purity carrying into the impressively penetrating and exhilaratingly refreshing finish, in which the sheer abundance of fruit is more than up to the counterpoint of pit piquancy and liquid floral notes perfectly complement a sense of wafting buoyancy." Lees verder
    € 43,50
    Oogstjaar: 2014
  2. Riesling Smaragd Kellerberg I F.X. Pichler

    Vinous: "Succulent white peach and Persian melon are tinged more subtly than usual for this bottling with Madagascar and Szechuan peppercorns, black tea and crushed stone. There is hauntingly bittersweet floral perfume wafting through this entire performance, almost as though some Achleiten or Heiligenstein got loose in the fermenter. A high-toned suggestion of almond extract adds to the sweet impression of fruitiness (despite analytical dryness); and a mandarin orange note adds aromatic as well as brightly juicy allure in perfect harmony with a seductively creamy texture. Piquancy of peach kernel lends stimulating counterpoint and engenders a glowingly persistent finish. The combination of pit fruit, citrus and floral aromatics with complex peppery notes left in the empty glass is head-turning. This is as refined a Kellerberg Riesling as it has been my pleasure to experience. What’s more, it represents the first time I can recall using the word “buoyant” to describe one--and that for a wine picked in the last week of November!" Lees verder
    € 75,00
    Oogstjaar: 2013
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