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Marcel Deiss

De familie Deiss is sinds 1744 in Bergheim gevestigd en bezit 27 hectare wijngaarden in de gemeenten Bergheim, Bennwihr, Beblenheim, Saint-Hippolyte en Mittelwihr. Eigenaar en wijnmaker Jean Michel Deiss wordt gezien als één van de meest talentvolle en eigenzinnige wijnmakers uit de Elzas. Zijn wijnen zijn nauwelijks te vergelijken met de reguliere Elzas wijnen. Dat Deiss ieder jaar weer zo'n prachtige kwaliteit wijnen voortbrengt, heeft niet alleen te maken met inzet. Het is vooral zijn filosofische kijk op wijnbouw. Jean Michel Deiss is een uitgesproken ‘terroirist”. Hij wil de karakteristieken van de bodem/akker in de wijn tot uitdrukking laten komen. De druif is ondergeschikt aan het terroir (grondsoort, ligging en micro-klimaat) en om dit optimaal tot uitdrukking te brengen zijn de wijngaarden van Deiss beplant met een mix van druivenrassen. Dit was in het verleden in de Elzas overigens de standaard, maar is de laatste eeuw uit zwang geraakt. De laatste jaren komen er steeds meer gedreven jonge wijnmakers die hier weer op overgaan. Op het etiket van Deiss staat de naam van de akker vermeld en dus niet de gebruikte druivenrassen. De kwaliteit van de wijnen van Deiss is geweldig en zijn wijn wordt niet alleen bij de beste van de Elzas gerekend, maar behoort zelfs tot de absolute top van heel Frankrijk.

  1. Pinot Noir Saint Hippolyte I Deiss

    Terroir of old and poor granitic soil.Whose soil structure is basically granitic with little clay, making it light and fine, with filtering properties. This gives the wines from this area their fine character, both virile and elegant, sometimes austere in vintage years because the vines suffer from the lack of humidity, but more pleasant in the mouth on average years as the excess water is quickly drained away. The keywords behind St. Hippolyte wines are Bredding and Class. Aging potential : 15 years Lees verder
    € 24,50
    Oogstjaar: 2015
  2. Engelgarten I Marcel Deiss

    The Wine Advocate: "The grape varieties of the 2012 Engelgarten are almost the same as for the Langenberg (Riesling, Pinot Gris and Beurot as well as Muscat), "but the vineyard is very different," says Deiss; and so is the earlier ripening wine, which is grown on lighter (and much warmer), well drained and low-yielding gravelly soils ("small white pebbles"). It opens with a clear and aromatic nose displaying tropical yellow fruits, honeydew melon and ripe stone fruit aromas. Full-bodied, highly elegant, round, and very intense in its rich and white fruit expression on the palate, this is a tight, very minerally structured, well balanced wine with a long and expressive finish, and very good aging potential." Lees verder
    € 29,95
    Oogstjaar: 2013
  3. Altenberg de Bergheim Grand Cru I Marcel Deiss

    The Wine Advocate: “The 2012 Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergheim is the quintessence of all Alsatian grape varieties, including the pink Chasselas, and marked a milestone in Jean-Michel Deiss's life as a winegrower. It was in the Altenberg where he broke with the grape variety-over-terroir dominance because the Altenberg Grand Cru is more dominant than each of the grape characteristics. The field blend roots in calcareous sandstone soils with clay and is "extremely regular affected by noble rot," as Deiss reports. Deep yellow and almost golden in color, the 2012 shows intense and precise fruit aromas of ripe peaches, white cacao, vanilla and honey, but also a coolish and earthy soul or fundament. Sweet and very elegant on the first palate, this full-bodied, powerful and tension-filled wine reveals a stunning precision, typical limestone freshness and finesse. Indeed, the lemon-fresh acidity gives the rhythm of the Altenberg, and takes its estimated 90 grams of residual sugar into an ernormously long and salty finish. The 2012 is a highly expressive Altenberg that is a great pleasure to enjoy today, but an even greater pleasure in 10 or 20 years from now. Enjoy with foie gras or blue cheese, with fatted chicken or beef tartar, as Deiss recommends. 95+” Lees verder
    € 69,50
    Oogstjaar: 2012
  4. Schoenenbourg Grand Cru I Marcel Deiss

    The wine Advocate: 'The Schoenebourg is another outstanding Grand Cru in Alsace and the most impressive proof of the talents of this steep, fully south-facing vineyard above the picturesque village of Riquewihr is the golden colored 2012 Grand Cru Schoenenbourg from Marcel Deiss. Again, this is the result of a complantation of all Alsatian grape varieties that are planted at the bottom of this cru, where the Keuper marl and gypsum soils are very deep and, in connection with the more than 60 years old vines, explain the initially discreet character of this really substantial and highly elegant wine (yield: 25 hectoliters per hectare). The drinking experience starts with white pepper and flint aromas on a rather spicy nose, which reveals dark fruit flavors but is still fresh and well defined. Rich, intense and powerful on the palate, this Schoenenbourg is full of tension and reveals a mineral backbone that makes this medium-dry wine taste almost dry. The fruit is very clear and persistent, and the firm tannins are very fine and fully integrated into the rich and elegant body. This is a liquid monument of the Schoenenbourg, provided with great vitality, vibrancy and harmony. Drink between 2020 and 2040. 97.' Lees verder
    € 69,50

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    Oogstjaar: 2012